The construction process.

Our houses and flats are delivered via a 14-step construction process that allows for significant time savings when compared to traditional building techniques. The project management team constantly monitors construction progress to ensure strict adherence with all technical and regulatory specifications. We guarantee highest quality construction at a zero-defect rate.

  1. House design
  2. Frame manufacturing
  3. Frame assembly off-site
  4. Drainage works
  5. Foundation
  6. Frame transportation
  7. Onsite frame assembly
  8. Roof covering
  9. Window and exterior door installation
  10. First fix – electrica l and plumbing
  11. Insulation
  12. Exterior and interior wall covering
  13. Second fix – electrical and plumbing
  14. Interior decoration including all second fix carpentry Tiling, kitchen, floor, interior doors, plastering and painting

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